WarmCards White Balance System

For professional camera operators and videographers a normal white balance is rarely acceptable anymore. The WarmCards White Balance Reference System is a sophisticated set of white balance cards that make it easy to get a warmer (or cooler) white balance, and then to keep the modified white balance consistent throughout the shoot -- with precision.

WarmCards provide the fastest, easiest, and most consistent way of getting the warmer, more pleasing skin tones that clients and audiences prefer. No gels, no filters, no special lighting, no extra time color-correcting in post, and they work with all professional TV and video camcorders.

If you can white balance, you can Warm Balance. Once you've seen the difference WarmCards can make, you'll probably never use an ordinary white balance again. WarmCards are used regularly on just about every network news magazine, nightly news program, and all the major cable channels. If you watch TV, you've seen the effects of WarmCards in action. Literally thousands of television camera operators, videographers, and digital photographers around the world use WarmCards.

Download the WarmCards 3.0 User Guide

WarmCards are strong and durable. They won't get bent, folded, dirty, faded, or dog eared no matter how you use them. They are 100% waterproof, easily wiped clean, and the matte finish reduces reflections. Every set of WarmCards includes a convenient carrying case.

Using WarmCards is just as easy as white balancing on a normal white card. Just aim the camera at the WarmCard . . . press the WB button on your camera. . . and you're ready to start shooting with a better white balance. The idea is simple. When you set your white balance using one of the WarmCards you are calibrating the colorimity of the camera so that it starts at a baseline neutral setting that matches the lighting conditions that exist at that place and that time -- and then you are adding a certain amount of "warming" to the white balance so that you get warmer and richer colors.

  • Manufactured in the USA from durable TerraPoly plastic
  • Virtually indestructible
  • 100% waterproof, light-weight, and easy to clean
  • Includes eight 6"x9" and eight 4.5"x6" cards in eight different shades
  • Includes an 18% Gray card, Minus Green card, and a normal White card
  • A canvas carrying case and lanyard are included


There are two versions of WarmCards to choose from: WarmCards 3.0 and WarmCards 3.0 Junior. The main difference between the two products is that WarmCards Junior does not include the large cards. Both kits include a carrying case.

WarmCards 3.0

ver 39,000 sets of WarmCards are used
around the world every day.

Normal White Balance Normal White Balance Normal White Balance Normal White Balance
White Balance with WarmCards White Balance with WarmCards White Balance with WarmCards White Balance with WarmCards

    What are CoolCards?

    CoolCards provide the opposite effect of WarmCards. Rather than using a WarmCard to increase the warm tones of a shot, sometimes you may want to choose one of the two CoolCards to get a totally different look for your video. For example, CoolCards are a great way to make skies and water look even bluer. CoolCards are also useful outdoors at night when a cool white balance might look more natural.

    What is the purpose of the Minus Green Card?

    Cheap fluorescent lighting usually has a greenish cast to it - thus, distorting colors and making people look unhealthy. This is a common problem at places such as factories, airports, schools, retail stores, office buildings, supermarkets, car dealerships, and hospitals. Many shooters work under the mistaken assumption that a "normal" white balance will compensate for the green tint of these kinds of lights -- but it does not. The Minus Green Card counteracts the greenish tint.  Colors are truer and skin tones look healthier.

    Why are there two sizes of cards?

    The small cards (4.5" x 6") are very portable and easy to carry around in your pocket, but they are usually too small to use when you're setting up for a television interview. In a typical interview setup, after all the lighting is finished, the camera will almost always be located too far away to zoom in and fill the frame with a small WarmCard when it is held near the subject's face. The large cards (6" x 9") allow you to zoom in and set the white balance without having to physically pick up the camera and move it closer to the subject. Most professional television and video camera operators need to have both sizes of cards.

    What are the benefits of WarmCards?

    • As easy to use as ordinary white cards.
    • Clients, talent, models, and audiences prefer warmer-looking skin tones.
    • The amount of warming shift is based on the current lighting conditions.
    • Allows creative control over your camera's white balance setting.
    • Engineered to improve skin tones for interviews and on-camera talent.
    • Designed for professional use by experienced cameramen/photographers.
    • Eliminates wasted time color correcting/grading footage in post.
    • Image adjustments are made at the full bit-depth of the camera -- before any compression.
    • No matte box is required.
    • One set of cards will work with all lenses and all cameras you own.
    • More cost effective and easier to use than glass warming filters.
    • They do not interfere with any glass filters that may be used at the same time.
    • Ensures a consistent "look" from different crews working separately.
    • A field monitor is not required to check the results.
    • Choose from different levels of warming or cooling for different situations.
    • Available in two sizes of cards.
    • Strong, durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.
    • All cards have metal eyelets for easy carrying or hanging.
    • Easier to use than adding "warming" gels to your lights.
    • YOU retain creative control rather than hoping someone else will grade your footage properly in post.