Storm Jacket Camera Covers

Some of the most amazing outdoor photos can only be captured in stormy weather. But exposing your expensive camera to rain, snow, dust, and other dirty conditions can result in significant damage. That’s why a Storm Jacket camera cover should be an essential part of your equipment. Storm Jacket camera covers are the fastest and easiest way to protect digital SLR cameras and expensive lenses from inclement weather conditions. All Storm Jacket covers are designed with a drawstring at both ends so you can quickly customize the fit to suit your needs.

Once closed, the front end fully encloses your lens while the secured back end protects your camera body. All Storm Jackets have the same diameter so the only difference between S, M, L, XL, and XXL is the length of the cover from front to back (see below for sizing recommendations).

Manufactured in the USA from high-tech AquaNylon fabric, Storm Jackets won't lose their water repellency and are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of professional use. Storm Jackets are available in four colors, five sizes, and two different models. Storm Jackets can easily be put on or taken off in less than 15 seconds -- and when not in use they store conveniently in their own zippered carrying case (included).


This is the most economical and easiest solution for keeping your SLR clean and dry. The Standard Model is often the best choice if you rarely use a tripod, monopod, or focus the lens manually. The largest variety of sizes and colors are available with this model. For most casual, non-professional photographers, standard is usually the best choice.


The PRO Model is almost identical to the Standard Model except that it adds a velcro opening on the bottom to accommodate the attachment of a tripod or monopod. The velcro opening can be closed to make a very water resistant seal. The opening on the bottom also makes it easier to get your hand inside the cover to focus the lens manually.

Storm Jackets are perfect for shooting in rain . . . drizzle . . . snow . . . dusty or dirty environments . . . factories . . . water sports . . . locker room celebrations . . . near waterfalls . . . at the beach . . . or any time your expensive camera gear is at risk. Storm Jacket camera covers are the most compact, portable, and economical camera protection that money can buy.

So, don't let a little rain stop you from shooting. Having a Storm Jacket in your camera bag or stuffed in a pocket is an absolute must for any serious photographer. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your gear will be protected -- and that you can keep right on shooting.

"A great item that should be in every photographer's camera bag. Simple design, easy to use, protects your expensive camera from the weather." - Robert B. - customer review

"My storm jacket allowed to me to get some great shots at a football game that I would have otherwise missed! Before, I never would have taken a chance on getting my camera wet." - Nate H. - customer review

"Rains almost everyday in Alaska and if you want the shots you will want this product. Easy to use, compact for packing in with luggage, I was able to shoot in just about every type of weather we encountered. My camera stayed drier than I did and I have photos that will last a lifetime. I could not find anything I didn't like about this cover. A must have in the camera bag, even for everyday use." - Blendrkady2. - customer review

Available in Four Colors


Which model and size is right for you?

Storm Jacket Design - Standard Model

Storm Jacket Design - Pro Model

The model or brand of DSLR that you own does not matter when choosing the size of the cover. In fact, all Storm Jackets have the same internal diameter (8") for the front and rear openings. What matters when selecting the best size for your needs is the length from the rear of your camera to the front of the lens when the zoom is fully-extended.

To determine the best size:
Measure from the rear of your
camera's body
to the front of the lens hood:

SMALL: Recommended for camera/lens combos that are 8" (20cm) or less
MEDIUM: Recommended for camera/lens combos that are 14" (35cm) or less
LARGE: Recommended for camera/lens combos that are 20" (50cm) or less
XL: Recommended for camera/lens combos that are 24" (60cm) or less
XXL: Recommended for camera/lens combos that are 27" (68cm) or less

Thousands of professional photographers
around the world rely on Storm Jackets!

Robert Canis Jennifer Wu john Chardine
Robert Canis Jennifer Wu John Chardine
Michael Bertelesen Adam Schallau Rick Sammon
Michael Bertelesen Adam Schallau Rick Sammon
Dutch Walters Paul Mozell Sven Michiels
Dutch Walters Paul Mozell Sven Michiels
Small Storm Jacket on a Flash Use a Small Standard to protect a flash or other accessoriesSmall Storm Jacket on a Flash
All Storm Jackets include a zippered carrying caseStorm Jacket zippered carrying case Velcro opening on Pro Storm Jacket
Protection during a long time-lapse on a slider
(photo courtesy of Dakotalapse)