WarmCards Reviews

Over 39,000 camera operators and digital photographers around the world use WarmCards to improve the look of their work.
Here's what a few of them have to say:


"WarmCards are simply the best way for getting great looking flesh tones in head shot type video interviews, à la 60 Minutes. Before we found WarmCards, we would shoot an interview and then try to color correct the shot back in the editing suite. The problem was that the magenta tone is very hard to correct - it will either go green or red - and very quickly (and generally just look bad). There is very little leeway to play around with. WarmCards give us lots of latitude in color correction to either increase the warming effect or taking it out altogether - it still looks much better than video shot without WarmCards. Simply put, if you want great looking flesh tones, get WarmCards."
Jim Fiester
Director of Photography
Windy Cine Productions
Lake Forest, IL

"Thank you so much for creating WarmCards! I just completed a project that had 19 interviews in different locations and I used the WarmCards on every one. We used the Warm-1 card to give a consistent look to all the locations. "I also used WarmCards to shoot Fox News Sunday Washington D.C. beauty shots for use as transitions in the show. I've been working on these for the 5 years that the show has been on the air. I shoot in 16:9 wide screen and every shot must be great. WarmCards helped me step up the quality one more notch. Thanks! Finally, after 20 years of shooting under all kinds of conditions I now have WarmCards to help me achieve a look my clients love. I will recommend the WarmCard System to all."
Ed Reinsel
Reinsel Video, Inc.
McLean, VA

"I was very skeptical about using the new Minus Green card. When it arrived I used it to white balance in my office under fluorescent lights. I was stunned, it worked beautifully, the white walls were perfect. I quickly did a standard white balance and flicked between the two presets, now it's green…. now it's white….. fantastic!  "I couldn't help thinking how I had ever managed in the past without your Minus Green card. No more dangling pieces of gels in front of lenses trying to cheat white balances anymore. It's a simple product that's well presented, I will never stop using them. Your original WarmCards have given me a spare filter tray in my matte box, as I no longer use an 812 warm filter. Thank you."
Lighting Cameraman
Nottingham, UK

"I purchased a set of WarmCards before a big overseas shoot last month. I did this because an editor complained of my D-30's propensity to shoot "on the green side" while shooting in low contrast situations. He had to adjust about 13% while color correcting in the mid tones or gammas. (He uses Combustion) I spent a couple hundred bucks to have an engineer go through the cam only to tell me the colorimetry wasn't that bad. She did some minor tweeking.  So I spent the $65 on WarmCards and shot an extensive test reel and sent the editor the tape. His final comment was "don't shoot with the Warmcards - it looks TOO GOOD." He was afraid the new look wouldn't match previous footage shot with the D-30. Bottom line - I will always use the Warmcards when not shooting for this client. They are very handy and the look is superb!"
Mark Welch
Director of Photography
Ayala Productions
Oklahoma City, OK

"Our production company has three separate ENG packages, all of them travel with their own set of WarmCards.  I produce a monthly medical training video with a client who is getting older. He refuses to wear make-up, yet is very sensitive to the way he looks on camera. Soft filters, soft lighting and most of all WarmCards have made a huge difference in the way this doctor looks on-camera. His flesh tones have gone from looking pasty and unhealthy to natural and warm. I also recently worked on a live boxing event out of a production truck for Univision (Solo Boxeo). It's an indoor event with full grid lighting. I brought my WarmCards with me and asked the video guy if he would like to give them a try. He settled on using Warm 2. The end result was that the executive producer and director loved the "warm" look of the video and couldn't believe the cards had made it so easy. Now they've got a set of cards on board the truck.  I was hired by Fox Sports Net out of California to shoot b-roll of a BMX biking competition. The show was covered by NBC and re-airing at a later date on Fox Sports Net. Fox wanted it's own footage for teases and the graphics package they were going to build. It was an outdoor event and I shot all of the footage white balanced on Warm 1. A few days after the event I received a phone call from the producer in L.A. complementing me on how great the footage looked. I attribute the complement to good camera work and WarmCards.WarmCards are simple, convenient, and effective! I'm really happy with the results I've been getting with WarmCards. They are definitely well worth the money! "
Nate Hill
JTV Productions
Orem, UT

"The warm cards work great! My manager was skeptical, but I was recently able to sneak them in at an on location interview shoot when I was white balancing the cameras. The results were excellent. The flesh tones were much warmer and the colors more vibrant. Now my manager asks for the Warm Cards when we white balance. He's been converted too! Thanks!"

Steve Horvath
Comcast Cable
Reading, PA

"Do I like WarmCards? I was a little hesitant at first, to go into full swing using them for most shots. But did that change. I LOVE the cards for all the reasons outlined in the directions, mainly consistency in color reference. I even used them yesterday to shoot a funeral outside.
One day I was set up to shoot an interview at the Florida State Fair. I had "warm" balanced my camera, but while waiting for the subject to show up I saw a shot I needed real quick, in much brighter light, total different conditions than what I had my camera set to shoot. So, I kicked the camera into automatic iris and white balance. Later, while going through the footage I realized that the "white balanced" footage I grabbed was the first time I had shot anything unWarmed, in many months and also realized it was the first time I had actually seen normal "White Balanced" footage to compare. It looked terrible."
Dale E. Wilson
StringShot News Assets

"I have found my clients to generally pick a warmer balance than the stock white balance my camera provides. In fact, I don't like the color of the white balance my camera provides, and only use it when absolutely necessary. Since I have carried WarmCards, quite frequently, my clients are picking the balance I make using the #1 WarmCard. I think the most common response is, "ooooh, let's use the warmer one!".
Thomas Waldron
Director of Photography
Dallas, TX

"At a recent shoot on the road for an upcoming History Channel documentary, we used a shooter local to the location. He came equipped with a set of WarmCards, and not only did they quickly get me the "warm" look I wanted... I could EASILY see what a great idea this system is. I'm going to carry a set of these with me from now on (even for my local crews in Los Angeles), and I'll be secure in the consistency of the product. A wonderful, simple, elegant idea!"

Darryl Rehr
Greystone Communications
Los Angeles, CA

"I wanted to send you a brief note to let you know how incredible your product is. I shoot a lot of nature/scenic video and your cards have allowed me to take all of the harsh bluish cast out of the projects. I own a Sony DSR-500WS camera and your cards have transformed the look of the video. The natural look the Warm Cards give the video (and stills) is far superior to any setting that I have been able to come up with. You have a great product!"
Richard Seccombe
Los Angeles, CA

"The only thing I miss about working with film is the warm saturated color of the film stock. Now with WarmCards I can make my cold looking digital camera have a nice warm look. I don't have to bend over backwards to get the look I want.  Most of my shooting is done in a hurry, so the smaller cards on the lanyard work great for me. I always have the card I want with me. The talent so far has loved the look it gives them, not to mention the golden glow I get anytime of day instead of just golden hour. Other shooters I've talked to about the WarmCards at first where skeptical, then asked but will it work with my camera, and then asked where can I get them after they see the video. WarmCards are a great product. The lanyard is one of the first things I grab before I pick up my camera. I'm glad the cards are made well because I'll be using mine for a long time. Thanks again for making a great product."
John Corriere
Director of Photography

"Last week I was hired to shoot three interviews for a History Channel producer that could not travel to the location. I decided to use the Warm #2 card because it's become my favorite technique to use on interviews. The producer called a few days later to thank us for the excellent "look" of the interviews and wanted to know what gels we had used so they could get the same look at other locations in Egypt and France. When I explained about WarmCards they were thrilled with the idea that it could be so simple and said they were going to get a set of their own to travel with.  Even though I own a top-of-the-line camera, that is in perfect operating condition and maintained regularly, when I show clients the difference between a regular white balance and a white balance with the WarmCards -- there's never any doubt which one they will choose. The difference is amazing, yet no one ever looks at the monitor and says the color looks unnatural. WarmCards will make your video look closer to real life."
Doug Jensen

"Thank you for creating WarmCards. I have already put them to good use. My Sony 400A has a nice warm look in preset, but being able to keep the image warm in various lighting conditions has always been a concern. My typical solution was to throw on the Matte Box, but not everyone wants to pay for that, as we all know too well. Having the ability to access your WarmCards, white balance, and start shooting quickly has added great value for my clients. The day after receiving the cards in the mail, I shot for ABC's World News Tonight. We didn't have a producer with us, but did feed the tape for that night's show. The tape looked great.! All my shots looked rich and vibrant with color. I was shooting real estate shots so they passed my "outside in the sun" test.  The Next day, we were working for Oprah, this time with a producer. Like you suggest, I toggled between the preset on the camera and the White balance using your "WarmCards", and of course the producer and myself liked the "Warm Balanced" shot best. Oprah is known for the warm and fuzzy look, and being able to keep that continuity between the interviews and the B-roll without the use of a bulky matte-box was great. Lets just say that hopefully you won't sell many of these WarmCards because being a freelancer, we are always looking for that extra competitive edge needed to keep the almighty paying client happy."
Jim Kent
ArtGecko Productions
Phoenix, AZ

"Used the WarmCards this morning on a multi-camera interview with excellent results! While I've often used various blue items (sky, blue gel, whatever's available) in the past to warm the image, the consistency your WarmCards provide means they will always be packed when my production gear goes out. The predictable, reliable "warm balance" eliminates all the guesswork.  One of the things I like best is the cool packaging... compact, lightweight, and professional, its a very convenient package to carry along. As soon as the crew saw it everyone wanted to know what the new toy was. It's a simple idea that gets consistent, "warm" results!"
Bob Weast
Athena Video Productions
San Diego, CA

"We've been using the WarmCards here at Skyways onboard our three satellite uplink trucks continuously ever since we got our hands on them. Our producers love the look . . . no more white balancing over and over to try to hit the white balance just right in order to get rid of those pasty faces! Just hit the WarmCard and you get a consistent look every time."
Scott Hess
Chief Photographer
Skyways Communications
Norwood, MA

"I recently used the cards on a shoot for the a promotional video for the Washington Semester program at American University and found them to be a very convenient and accurate way to create a warmer, more natural look for shooting interviews. I used the A and B settings on the camera to register two different white balances and with the flick of a switch, showed both to the director on the monitor. It was great to be able to give the director two different looks very quickly. Warmcards are a great product and long overdue. When the Fall semester starts, I intend to demonstrate them to my video production students in class and will encourage them to use them on their location shoots."
Dave Porfiri
Assistant Professor of Film and Video Production
American University School of Communication
Washington, DC

"I am a former camera operator and now do most of my work as a producer and director. I was recently given a set of WarmCards by a friend to try on a project I was working on. The first day was a multi-camera shoot and we white balanced on regular white, and then with Warm-1 card. We toggled back and forth between the settings and everyone agreed that the WarmCard looked much better than white.  I have used other methods to trick the white balance but the results were not always consistent. The WarmCards however, gave a consistent look under our light conditions throughout the project.  "I have since bought a set of my own and I really like the smaller set of WarmCards. I have been working on a project in which a Canon XL-1 was used and the WarmCards look great with it as well. The smaller cards on the lanyard are my set of choice for location shooting. I have since made it a standard to use WarmCards and have used them on projects from documentaries to sporting events. Thanks for making it so simple to get a better look!"
Chris Jensen
Salt Lake City, UT

"Cannot express how much time this saves in post-production. Makes color correcting video between our multi-cam productions almost non-existent. A definite must have."
Tish, B&H Customer Review

"I work for a government access TV station and we shoot a lot of video every day and these cards have radically improved my ability to quickly get great color from my overworked camera. Certainly better than picking between a white piece of poster board or the least offensive preset."
JET, B&H Customer Review

"Easy to use and understand. A real bargain. I use them for video and stills."
Howard, B&H Customer Review

"I like being able to warm up a scene and not be left with just a white balance card. These are of high quality and am happy with the purchase."
Classic Dan, B&H Customer Review

"It saves an incredible amount of time and gives very consistent results you can count on when using several cameras on the same shoot."
More Energy!, B&H Customer Review

"I've been using a "home grown" white balance card with decent results, but really have seen the need to purchase a complete card set. Having fractional warming has made a huge difference in my color saturation, especially under "less than desirable" lighting conditions. I used the cards for the first time while producing a live stage performance and was quite impressed with the results."
Bob, B&H Customer Review

"Excellent and simple way to warm up a shot. Whether it's flesh tones or scenery a slightly warmer balance can really make a difference. I prefer to only use them when I have a monitor handy but I've found using a half blue is generally safe. I use them so often I've finally bought a second set to make sure I'm never without them. We even use them in a multi-camera studio situation and the result is always great. I used to consider these cards my secret weapon when they first came out. I highly recommend them."
CoastalCat, B&H Customer Review

"I'm the director of a new video production department at a large church in North Carolina and I've used WarmCards before at other positions. I use these cards for balancing both indoors and out a lot and the allow me to get pretty consistent looking footage. They're durable and allow you a wide range of flexibility. I do wish they made an even larger set for balancing from a distance as in our auditorium. I would highly recommend these cards as an essential tool in any production environment. There are no real bad qualities about them that I can think of."
VideoBill, B&H Customer Review

"When shooting on digital, these balance cards are great for creating the right tone in the frame. The variety is especially helpful when you need to balance just a little bit warmer or cooler. Highly recommend shooting with them- holding up a white piece of paper just doesn't do it."
Shooter Gal, B&H Customer Review

"Easy to use, well packaged and well implemented accessory. Will last for years. I bought the kit for some of our smaller camcorders - such as the HVX200 - to enable fast wb but with the creative edge - slightly warm or cold depending on subject and intended mood. Our main HDCAMs of course have total control over wb thru the menu system. In practice, the cards are so easy to use that we now use them for every situation where careful wb is needed. And once set, the 'standard' wb is usable for most situations. Highly recommended."
Spydacam, B&H Customer Review

"I should have bought them sooner. I use them on every shoot."
Matt, B&H Customer Review

"Use this product every time I shoot. The different shades of color cards are wonderful, they help me on days when it is an overcast as well as those harsh sunny days! The color effect after I use the cards are unparallel by any other."
Shah, B&H Customer Review

"Used these on a night shoot with a Canon 7D where the lighting was very yellow. These cards helped out a lot! I was able to choose between a number of cards until I found the right color. "
Everett, B&H Customer Review

"I love these cards. I really do . . . you do get a nice pouch to keep them in. As far as they're actual purpose...They look great, and give your footage a push in a beautiful direction."
Pete Lutz, B&H Customer Review

"As a professional, I need accurate white balance and these cards do that and more. I like that I can add warmth by choosing the appropriate cards for the balance I need."
Photo Journey, B&H Customer Review

"I work for a local TV station & we use warm cards for every shoot. So when I bought my own camera for home use I had to get some. The cards really improve your video whether you're just adding a little or a lot of warmth. You'll really notice a difference when you use the cards to shoot someone very pale. Overall, your image just looks richer. I also appreciate having the carrying case that hooks onto my bag for easy access.I would definitely recommend these cards. They make a huge difference in your video."
Laura, B&H Customer Review

"As a producer of motorcycle movies, I require gear to be value added and compact. Having multiple cameras mounted on a motorcycle and getting them to match while shooting is very important because it saves time in post by not needing a lot of color correction and additional rendering time. Every DP should have this."
Cliff, B&H Customer Review

"I received these WarmCards as a birthday gift after reading about how useful they are in the book, 'The Joy of Digital Photography.' I am very happy with how well they work and the look they give my photos. The only problem I've had is trying to set the White Balance while in uneven or low light, but other than that, they're great! My brother and I have also used them with our video camera for a project we were working on, and they work just as well. I would definitely recommend them. They are light, small, easy to use, and give your images a great look!"
Dominic, B&H Customer Review

"If you need to get exellent skin tone in some difficult lighting situation this is your best videographer friend otherwise be prepare for color correction in NLE."
EdBeta, B&H Customer Review

"Durable and added great skin tone to my bride and groom without looking fake. "
Beach Videographer, B&H Customer Review

"When the white balance presets don't cut it and you're looking for more control, this is an excellent solution. Able to fit nearly anywhere in a kit and flipped through plenty fast. "
MxPx96, B&H Customer Review

"This is a fabulous color balance tool! Makes correct color balance Fast & Easy. A real "must" if you want the best color balance that you can possibly get. And it doesn't need any rocket science to make it happen. It just does it!
Big Al, B&H Customer Review

"My videography occurs in difficult lighting situations. The WarmCards save me time in edit."
Mr Music, B&H Customer Review

"We probably should have bought these years ago. Great price, and the cards are portable and durable. "
Anthony, B&H Customer Review

"Found out about this product watching Doug Jensen's Sony FS-7 tutorial video series. Has everything you will need to get great white balance results."
VideoDave, B&H Customer Review

"Very durably build and came in handy the second after I got them. "
TS, B&H Customer Review

"I thought that Warm Cards might be just another unnecessary "extra" to cart around. 'Not the case at all...they're great. They work exactly as advertised and will save me time through my entire workflow. I wish that I had known about these years ago!"
JP, B&H Customer Review

"I like these cards becuase they are easy to use in the field and they offer a consistant white balance system between multiple cameras to match up color in the field as close as possible. Helps make the post production color correcting a little bit easier."
George, B&H Customer Review

"I used the cards to color balance underwater in pools. I use them especially to improve the skin tones. I have had great luck using the Warm 3 card to bring out the warmth of the skin and minimize the bue tones. It makes my color editing much easier compared to spending hours in photoshop."
AnnaC, B&H Customer Review

This is in my bag of tweaks. Whatever I can use to make my footage look better for my client than the other guys..... I'll use it. Nice gradual steps in warming up the image.
Rsgobo, B&H Customer Review

"I shoot weddings, workout videos and band promo videos, etc. This is one of the most important tools I have purchased to improve my video and still shots. These warm cards do a very beautiful, accurate job of giving back the natural colors and even warming them or cooling them depending on what you're shooting. If you want accurate shots, especially if you're a professional, you can't go wrong with this set of white and warm cards. "
Scotty the Wedding Videographer, B&H Customer Review

"Cannot express how much time this saves in post-production. Makes color correcting video between our multi-cam productions almost non-existent. A definite must have. "
Tish, B&H Customer Review

"Excellent and simple way to warm up a shot. Whether it's flesh tones or scenery a slightly warmer balance can really make a difference. I use them so often I've finally bought a second set to make sure I'm never without them. We even use them in a multi-camera studio situation and the result is always great. I used to consider these cards my secret weapon when they first came out. I highly recommend them. "
Coastal Cat, B&H Customer Review

"I'm the director of a new video production department at a large church in North Carolina and I've used WarmCards before at other positions. I use these cards for balancing both indoors and out a lot and the allow me to get pretty consistent looking footage. They're durable and allow you a wide range of flexibility. I do wish they made an even larger set for balancing from a distance as in our auditorium. I would highly recommend these cards as an essential tool in any production environment. There are no real bad qualities about them that I can think of. "
VideoBill, B&H Customer Review


Who Uses WarmCards?

60 MInutes, Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, 20/20, Dateline NBC, E! True Hollywood Story, Survivor, Big Brother, A&E Biography, A&E Investigative Reports, HGTV, TLC, Larry King Live, Court TV, Discovery Channel, "Christopher Lowell Show", CBS "Early Show", "Modern Marvels", A&E "American Justice", Ricki Lake Show, NASCAR Images, "Men Are From Mars, Women are From Venus", Animal Planet "Breed All About It", The Travel Channel "Secrets", History Channel -"History's Mysteries", History Channel - "The Most", ABC News / ABSAT, CNN "Pinnacle", Food Network "Food 911", Fox Sports, Hard Copy, E! Entertainment, Inside Edition, CNBC, EXTRA!, CNN , Fox News Channel, PAX - "It's A Miracle", Health Week, Inside Stuff, Good Morning America, Univision, Fox News Sunday, ABC World News Tonight, ESPN2 "RPM 2NIGHT", Oprah, Sundance Channel, Fox Broadcasting, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, "Extreme Homes" "Perfect Proposal" - TLC, "Ambush Makeover" - FOX, "Room By Room" - HGTV, "Jacobsen & Friends", Golf Channel, "Command Decisions", "5-4-3-2-1" Fox Sports, Christopher Lowell Show, Greystone Communications, TLC, Fox Broadcasting, "Music Mania 2002", Don Imus Show, Montel Williams, Larry King Live, NHK, BBC, ITN, EBU, TNT, Court TV, Discovery Channel, CBS "Early Show"


WarmCards are used at many TV stations and networks, including:


WarmCards are used in many countries, including:

 USA, China, England, France, Belgium, Israel, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Lebabnon, Ecuador, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Chile, Germany, South Africa, Suriname, N. Ireland, Thailand, Phillipines, Scotland, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Colombia, Wales, Ireland, Russia, Egypt, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Oman, Peru, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Russia, Austria, South Africa,Finland


WarmCards are used by hundreds of production companies and corporate video departments, including:

NFL Films, *1-800-TV-CREWS, Macie Video Service , 1-800-TV-CREWS, 3.2.1. Productions, 3Dee Video Productions, 4 Goros Studios, 5-Star Productions, 5point6 Studios, a squared productions, A.V.A. Productions, Aaron Fister, AB Roll Productions Ltd., ABC TV Production, ABC-TV, Abracadabra Presentation Graphics, Abracadabra Video, Inc., Absolute Video Productions, Access Video Production, Access Video, Inc., ACTUAVISION, Ad-Market Productions, Inc., Adam Ford, Adrian Ketchum, Advantage Video, Advantage Video Productions, Adventist Media Productions, Adventure Productions, AE Digital TV, AFN-KOREA, After Hours Photography, Afterdark Productions, Inc., Aims Community College, Air Force News Agency, Detachment 11, Al Perry Enterprises, Inc., Ala mode Films, Alan Barney, Alan Lloyd, Aleksey Linchuk, Alessandra Lombardini-Parks, Alex Chan, Algor Inc., Alice Video Productions, Alimar Combined Studios, Aloha Hawaii Facilities, ALP Productions, Alpha Video & Audio, Alpha Video Productions, American Stores Company, Ames Department Stores, AMG Video Productions, Andrew Dunn, Andrew Hollister, Anglia Television Productions, Ann Courrier, Annette Brown, ANR Communications, Anthony Manniello, APC Productions Inc., Apex Productions, Archdiocese of Miami CRTV, ARNG Multi Media Branch, ARNG Multi-Media Branch, Arnold Productions, Arrow Electronics, Inc., Artech Photography, Arth, Ltd., Artison Productions, LLC, Artistic Productions, ASC Media Services, Asia Geographic Productions, Asia Sport Television, Associated Images, AssureTec Systems, AT&T Broadband, AT&T Media Service, AT&T Media Services, AT&T Media Services (CO), AT&T Media Services (MA), AT&T Media Services, MN, Atelier Lucia, Atticus Tay Hsi Chiang, AUA Digital Post Productions, Inc., Audio Reinforcement Solutions, Audubon Nature Institute, Awana Clubs International, Ayala Productions, Inc., B&C Video Productions, B-Roll.net, B.C. Video Productions, Inc., B.L. Usnik Productions, Inc., Balch & Company, Bank of America, Bankester & Associates, BankShot Productions, Banner Health, Baptist Hospital, Barbizon Light of the Rockies, Barbizon- New England, Barbizon- New York, Barnet D. Malin, Barrington Productions, Barry Braverman, Base 2 Studios, BaseZero Productions, Inc., Bautista Video Productions, BBC, BBC - Kenya, BC CTV News, Beacon Light & Sound, Bear Creek Productions, Beautiful Ones Video, Beech Street Communications, Bell Foto Art Productions, Belo Capital Bureau, Beluga SRL, Best Productions, Beulah Films, Inc., Big Shoulders Digital Video, Big Valley Productions, Bill Brussard, Bill McMillin Productions, Bill Metcalfe, Bill Miller, Black Opal Studio, Blink, Blue Hill Farms, Blue Horizon Pictures, Blue Visual Effects, BlueCat Productions, Bo Mulder Photography, Bob Shell, Bobo Project, Boggs Media, Boise State University SMITC, Bowers Media Group, Inc., Brain Wasilauski, Bravo Romeo Entertainment, Break Away Technologies, Brian Beard, Brian Gawlik, Brian M. Zusi Productions, Bright Bros., Inc., Bright Filament Productions, Britt McAllister, Broadcast Images, Brocka, Broken Films, Bryan Brousseau, Bryan Stratte, BT Productions, Bungalow 3, Burger King Corporation, bythom.com, C Image Productions, C/D Productions, Inc., CA Media, CableONE Advertising, California State University, Chemistry, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canadian Television, Carico International, Inc., Carl M. Heinemann, Carlos Esteves, Carlos Gaston Fazio, Carolina News Crews, Carousel Video, Casa Na Arvore Video Ltda, Casablanca Productions, Catalyst Productions, Caterpillar Financial Services Corp., Catillac Productions, CBC News, CBN News, CBS - Los Angeles, CBS News, Cecil E. 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