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Keep your camera protected!

The best camera cover is the one that actually gets used. And because Storm Jackets are lightweight, easy to carry and so easy to put on, they've become the camera cover of choice for thousands of photographers worldwide for more than 15 years. Storm Jackets are available in several models, sizes and colors. They are the perfect solution for protecting any SLR, most lenses, and popular mirrorless cameras.

White Balance Reference System

The WarmCards White Balance Reference System is a special set of white balance cards that make it easy to get a warmer, richer, more pleasing white balance from professional video & television cameras – at the time of shooting  – thus saving you time in post.

Over 39,000 sets have been sold since 2001. WarmCards are used at every broadcast and cable network.

Training Videos and Field Guides

Over the past 12 years Doug Jensen's in-depth Master Class instructional videos and camcorder field guides have become the gold standard for training in the video/television industry.  Whether you want to get the most out of your camcorder; learn to light & shoot high-end "60 Minutes"-style interviews; or become proficient at grading Sony S-LOG & RAW footage in DaVinci Resolve -- we've got the training for you.

Customer Reviews

"This cover provides great protection against the elements, and it's compact enough to tuck into the side pocket of my camera bag. It takes only a few seconds to put on and take off. It's a must-have."

Larry B.

"Works great to keep camera and lens dry for outdoor photography. Easy to use and is well made. It folds up small and has its own pouch so it is easy to carry with you at all times. Everyone that spends time in the outdoors should carry one to protect your expensive camera gear."


"The warm cards work great! My manager was skeptical, but I was recently able to sneak them in at an on-location interview shoot when I was white balancing the cameras. The results were excellent. The flesh tones were much warmer and the colors more vibrant. Now my manager asks for the Warm Cards when we white balance. He's been converted too! Thanks!"

Steve Horvath, Comcast Cable

"At a recent shoot for a History Channel documentary we used a shooter local to the location. He came equipped with a set of WarmCards, and not only did they quickly get me the "warm" look I wanted . . . I could EASILY see what a great idea this system is. I'm carrying a set with me from now on (even for my local crews in Los Angeles). A wonderful, simple, elegant idea!"

Darryl Rehr, Greystone Communications

"I wanted to send you a note to tell you how incredible your product is. I shoot a lot of nature/scenic video and your cards have allowed me to take all of the harsh bluish cast out of the projects. Your cards have transformed the look of the video. The natural look that Warm Cards give the video is far superior to any setting that I have been able to come up with. You have a great product!"

Richard Seccombe, Cameraman