Storm Jacket Reviews

Over 65,000 photographers around the world use Storm Jackets to protect their expensive cameras and lenses. Here's what a few of them have to say:

Customer Review: Trip
The storm jacket is something that every photographer should have. Why stop shooting when the weather gets bad? The back end is wide enough to use your hands to change your camera settings, and the slot in the bottom for your tripod is an added feature. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.

Customer Review: Alan
Went on African Safari, and with dust all around and the chance of heavy rains, this little item is a must! With weight restrictions, this storm jacket weighs practically nothing! It kept my camera body and lens free from dust and rain.

Customer Review: Golfismything
I bought this specifically for my trip to Iceland and was so glad I did. I encountered frequent rain showers during my trip and the Storm Jacket kept my Nikon D5 dry and protected. It also kept my equipment protected from the heavy spray associated with many of the waterfalls. I highly recommend it.

Customer Review: Eugene
This camera cover just allowed me to take a beautiful picture of a thunderstorm rolling through Boston. My equipment remained dry even in heavy rain.

Customer Review: Timn8r
I am the sports photographer for our local high school and needed protection for my Sony camera from rain while shooting football games. I saw the Vortex Media Pro SLR Storm Jacket and decided to purchase it for the upcoming football game where rain was in the forecast. I was pleased beyond words because it rained sideways! My camera was well protected never getting wet and I got the shots I wanted all night long. I would highly recommend this product to everyone and would purchase another one in a heartbeat!! Way to go Vortex Media!

Customer Review: Judith
A most indispensable product for outdoor photography. While in NY, it saved my day and allowed me to shoot while everyone was running for cover. Good design and very effective for the purpose.

Customer Review: Albert
Simply the best out there!!

Customer Review: Ann
Perfect for rainy or snowy weather quiet as well.

Customer Review: Zezto
THIS RAIN SLEEVE IT SO AMAZING!! Well to start off it does what it is advertised. It protects your device from rain, snow, dust, sand, etc. But is also says it is heat and fire resistant. Well you may asked self why would it need to be THAT resistant. Well if you want to dry it fast well use a blow dryer. And bam -- it drys but obviously don’t over exaggerate it. But it protected my gear from all the elements. And what surprised me the most from heavy rain. My old rain cover seeped in some rain but not enough to ruin my gear but this one NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH!!! I toatlly recommend this to every photographer. Because 80% of the best photographs are not in the perfect weather, They are under BRUTAL WEATHER. But you can trust this rain sleeve to keep your precious gear safe, dry and, waterless.

Customer Review: Christian
Great product for the price. I use this for my Sony FS5 and it fits the video camera perfectly. The velcro on the bottom is perfect for tripods. I also love how incredibly tiny it is when it's in its pack all folded up. Much smaller than I expected.

Customer Review: Brandon
I used the cover this morning to shoot some footage outdoors. The wind was blowing and it was snowing. The cover prevented any snow or water from getting on my camera. There wasn't a drop on it when I brought the cam indoors. Also, when you're done, the water just beads off of this cover. There's no waiting around for it to dry and no wiping it off. Very convenient and effective.

Customer Review: Douglas
I bought the Storm Jacket to go to the redwoods in Del Norte County California - on the coast near the Oregon border. Boy, did I ever need the Storm Jacket. I shot the Stout Grove in the Jedidiah Smith Park in the rain. The cover worked perfectly to keep my Canon 5D MKIII with the EF 24-70 f/2,8L dry and allow me to shoot on my tripod - horizontals and verticals on my L bracket. I took the camera off tripod to move and back on tripod to shoot. The cover allowed me to keep the camera outside my raincoat, hanging on the neck strap and use the Storm Jacket wrapped around back of the camera to move from location to location. Then, mounted on my tripod I could reach the controls to shoot. It's a nice piece of kit for inclement weather.

Customer Review: Mark
Was hesitant at first to buy this for a 70 to 200 because it might be too big. Then I did some research and bought it. It is pretty big but then again it covers the body's and ball head if needed quite well. Installation was pretty easy. Covers the lens and body well.

Customer Review: TNPhoto
Use this cover to protect my camera and lens against unexpected light rain. It provides good protection until I can get under cover or back to the car or house, etc. I wouldn't use this to shoot in a heavy rain or for an extended time - there are other, more expensive covers out there for that.

Customer Review: Claygrazer
This rain cover is surprisingly well thought out with very good build quality. It is much more substantial than the plastic bag covers I have bought in the past. Hope I won't need it, but it is comforting to know it's in my camera bag if I get caught in a storm.

Customer Review: Basti Boy
I've used many other rain covers. Most require a bit of fussing to fit them (e.g. removing eyecup and stretching cover around eyepiece). This Storm Jacket is essentially a tube with pull-string closures at each end. It installs very quickly.

Customer Review: Panshot
Good for emergencies, splash-prone events, and small enough to fit in the kit bag.

Customer Review: BeeDeeGee
I recently purchased this product to use on a photo vaction to Ireland. I went in January, so knew things would be wet. I used the Storm Jacket cover the majority of my time there, and was very pleased. It was extremely successful in keeping my equipment dry, as was easy to use and put on the camera. It worked with a variety of lenses.

Customer Review: K
Works great and is best bang for the buck.

Customer Review: Laura
Fits camera nice. Very adjustable. Just the right thickness. Not bulky.

Customer Review: Mikeridesabike

This is a simple and well made solution to being able to keep shooting when the weather turns wet. I definitely would go with the pro for the added velcroed opening in the bottom, it gives you more choices for accessing your camera.

Customer Review: mudpuppy 61
The best accessory I've bought, Totally keeps my lens protected in a fairly steady rain. Easy to use and even works with lens attached to the tripod. I've used it during some heavy rainfalls and both camera and lens were dry.

Customer Review: Gary
Here in the Pacific Northwest, rain is always part of the weather forecast. It can sneak up on you, so for extra protection (and something you can use with a tripod), this is awesome!

Customer Review: Greg2m

This camera cover does exactly what it supposed to. It keeps my Nikon DSLR and lens(s) dry when I wan to shoot in the rain. I'm glad I bought it, should have had it years ago.

Customer Review: Dave
I picked this up for my trip to Ireland and boy was I glad I did. it rained almost the whole time I was there and this was on my camera almost all day for a week straight. I shot my D3300 with the Kit lens for most of the trip and had no issue putting this jacket right over it. Kept my gear nice and dry while still allowed me to shoot with ease. There is really not a ton to say here but its very well made, compact, easy to use and durable. Depending on the lenses you use you may need to get the longer length but the medium is good with the kit lens and most tele lenses you can throw at it. The only thing to watch out for when using this the flash. If you are shooting in full auto your camera may pop the flash up (which will be under the cover) and it simply wont do anything. Make sure to shoot in the no flash mode if you have one. It was light and small enough to carry around in my pocket or clipped to my strap if I needed. I would more than suggest this to anyone looking for a good camera cover that is a bit better than some of the plastic ones out there.

Customer Review: Dennis the adventurer
Use this product on my camera whenever there is a threat of rain. Simply make sure the front opening is secured tightly around the lens, and the Velcro opening on the bottom is fastened around the tripod connection, and you are set to go. The rear opening provides sufficient access to the view finder. Also, have used this product in extremely windy and rainy condition without failure. No need to lose expensive equipment on a little moister.

Customer Review: JLBuckster
On a trip to Alaska it worked great - time and again

Customer Review: Kat
I took this cover to vacation to a third world country and was really worried about my camera being mugged as I read many reports of mugging at that location...not saying I was invisible, but this black cover helped protect my camera from sand and drizzle as well as from prying eyes.

Customer Review: Loake
Easy to use rain or dust cover with draw string closure for lens and rear of camera. Packs compactly into supplied bag. I had a Kata rain cover with arm sleeves and heavy plastic that was unwieldy and hard to pack-this one is simple yet effective

Customer Review: Captain America
I bought this product prior to my trip to Yosemite. We had rain & snow today, this product works like a champ.

Customer Review: Manny
I had a recent trip to Japan, and the forecast was calling for lots of rain, so I searched on Google for the best options. This storm jacket popped up and I gave it a try. I got rain for 11 days out of 14, and I would not have taken out the camera without having this accessory. Loved it!

Customer Review: C.Woodard
Fits my camera and arrived before planned.

Customer Review: Kevin
Great protection from rain, salt air or dust.

Customer Review: ISv
I order this camera cover for hiking in the Hawaiian rain forest. It is my second camera cover, the first one was from other manufacturer and about twice as expensive. There was moderate but persistent rain in my first hike with the new cover and it made great job keeping my camera dry. I found it easier to use in comparison with the other cover, mostly because of the bigger size (both are "medium", but Vortex cover is "bigger medium":). Other advantage is that Vortex claims it is heat and fire resistant... and "won't melt" (I don't want to try this but hope they are right)- my other rain cover melted in contact with a cigarette. If you need perfect and dry access to the controls of your camera, you may need to order some of the more complicated and expensive covers available but I don't have serious problems taking pictures (on tripod) with this cover.

Customer Review: Bill the Photographer
I use the product to keep my camera protected from rain in the outdoors. The product fits the lens end of the camera readily and seals well. the tripod opening opens and seals readily and the back opening provides enough of an opening for viewing of the camera back and camera controls.

Customer Review: Clark
Simple, easy to put on and off, fits in the smallest of places, does exactly what it claims to.

Customer Review: Kirk
Works well to protect my lens from the environment. Easy to put on and take off. Also you can get to all camera controls. Works well with monopod and easy to store. Yes, I would recommend this product and purchase again.

Customer Review: apatrou
Works well to protect your gear. I used it with my Canon 5D Mark 3 and a Canon 100 mm L macro lens in a 'rain forest' environment. Did the job!

Customer Review: Chris
Keeps the rain off, and my equipment dry. All that I was asking for.

Customer Review: Joe
I recently used this while shooting down in Cabo San Lucas as Hurricane Marie approached with heavy winds and rain while on a boat. The Storm Jacket performed better than expected. It was fast and easy to put on the camera. In fact, It was so easy, I used it after while in very bright sunlight conditions to give me a darken view. Love the thing, I have two different sizes to accommodate a variety of lens choices.

Customer Review: Legal Case Photographer
I bought the Storm Jacket to protect my Canon 5D Mark 2 and long lenses on a trip to British Columbia and Alaska. Even though the 5D is pretty weatherproof some of the lenses are not and southern Alaska is mostly a temperate rainforest so I expected lots of rain. I only had to use the Storm Jacket once but it did the job. It takes up very little space in a camera bag and once you figure out how to put it on quickly it works as advertised. Be sure to buy the pro version with the velcro opening on the bottom. It makes manipulating zoom lenses much easier.

Customer Review: Cipo
Was recently in the PA mountains to shoot a race. Turm three is a good quarter of a mile frim the media center. I felt those first few drops and reached for my Storm Guard camera cover. It was a matter of a few seconds before it was pouring. Thanks guys and gals. Camera stayed dry all the way back to cover.

Customer Review: GPDJR
Great product to keep the water off your camera. I just returned from Alaska and it worked very well in keeping my equipment dry! I use a Black Rapid "R" strap and it even works well with the R-Strap. I shoot with a Nikon D610 and 70-200 2.8mm Lens as well as a 300mm 4.0 Lens and it worked great with both combinations.

Customer Review: Mitch
I bought this cover prior to a trip to Iceland wondering at the time if I would actually need to use it. On our first day in Rekjavik I pulled it out and it was used regularly for the rest of the trip. It was easy to put on and adjust, although configuring the front end before hand is probably a good idea. Well constructed and worked exactly as described.

Customer Review: Erockduh
Love the product. Very basic and not much to say about it. Fit my D800 + 300mm f/4 perfectly. Tried it out in rain and no leaks. I also loved how easy it was to use with my tripod. I will probably buy the other sized models.

Customer Review: Ted
Does what it's supposed to do. A good compromise between complete closure and the convenience of easy to use and carry.

Customer Review: Jersey John
I can't say anything bad about this cover. Its always in may bag, ready to go.

Customer Review: pdq971
There could not have been a better choice than the Storm Jacket. I had the opportunity to use this and worked great. I would highly recommend.

Customer Review: macbyers
This is simple to put on, flexible enough to fit a wide range of cameras and lenses and the price is fair. I recommend the Pro model because the opening in the bottom is useful if you're using a zoom lens, even if you never put your camera on a tripod in the rain. Only weighs a few ounces and fits nicely in a pocket on my camera bag.

Customer Review: TMGAZ
Product is well made and fits my 200mm Nikkor and smaller lenses. Tripod opening works well with my standard ball head and CB gimbal head. Cover folds easily back into the carrying pouch.

Customer Review: veteran1976
I looked at several rain covers and didn't think they would fit my needs. This one does. Shipping was fast and came just in time for the most recent snowfall.

Customer Review: Rooster
I bought this storm jacket in hopes that I chose the right size to fit my Canon EOS 5D Mark II with my Canon EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II lens attached including the lens hood. This jacket fits perfect with room to spare! The Velcro opening at the bottom is perfect for holding my lens while allowing for zoom adjustments. The front of the jacket fits snug over my lens hood with very little slippage while the opening in the back of the jacket allows access to fully control my camera without even tightening the draw string and still protecting my camera from the elements. This is a very well designed product and worth every penny, a must have!

Customer Review: Lax Dad
We shoot a lot of sports photos and since it normally rains in Oregon, we have been struggling holding an umbrella, but now we can protect our lens and camera body.

Customer Review: Alan
I live in and work for a newspaper in SW Illinois -- an area where if you don't like the weather, you have only an hour or two wait for it to change. The Pro SLR Storm Jacket is an ideal answer to the problem that creates occasionally. It fits in my camera bag, so it is there when I need it, and not at home when I wish I had it. Cameras and lenses may be weather sealed, but it's better to seal them from the weather first. I especially like the opening in the bottom for a tripod -- or my hands to operate the camera -- ingenious!

Customer Review: N Head
Fits well on a Nikon D4 with a 28-300 mm lens. Keeps the rain off of the camera and lens. Works on a tripod with no loss in integrity. There's just enough opening in the back to look through the view finder. The fabric is flexible so you can zoom or focus with no difficulty. And best of all, it takes up no room in the bag or your pocket.

Customer Review: Kelley Spencer Photography
I purchased this storm jacket for my 7D and 70-200 lens. It is perfect. I highly recommend it. For some reason we have played three football games in the rain and its been a godsend. Highly recommend!

Customer Review: Registered Nurse
The material and quality of the product are outstanding. I am super pleased with the fit over my camera and lens. I purchased product for hiking on sandy/dusty trails and for rain protection.

Customer Review: Josh
I am a motorsports photographer and sometimes I have to photograph in the pouring rain. I bought two of these Pro SLR Storm Jacket covers to keep my Canon 1D Mark III bodies from the elements. Once the rain started to sprinkle down, I slipped these babies on, over my 300mm 2.8 and the other over my 70-200mm 2.8. They fit well, snug, but with enough room to fit in your hands. Rain water beads up and rolls off, keeping my equipment dry. The versions I got even have a velcro slit on the bottom to allow for a monopod and/or a tripod. For the money, this is the best rain protection out there. I love these. When you're not using them, they fold up into little bags and latch on to a camera strap, backpack, pack or anything else. You're going to love these too.

Customer Review: Steve
Simple and does the trick. This is a simple no frills rain jacket for my gear. It is super light weight, easy to pack, and fast to use. I have used this in very heavy rain and it kept my gear absolutely dry.

Customer Review: Austin
I do a lot of nature photography in the Great Lakes region. The weather is unpredictable to say the least. I use the Vortex Media pro medium size camo on my Canon 7D with a 100-400 lens and hood. The velcro makes it quick and easy to install on a tripod mount. It folds up into its own pouch which stores neatly into a side pocket of my camera bag. The price is cheap insurance to help protect my gear. No cons.

Customer Review: msautox
I am in Hawaii for six months and needed something I could get out quickly to cover my camera. It rains on an off here all day. This Pro SLR Storm Jacket Camera Cover is great! Folded up in its zipper bag and doesn't take a few seconds to have it on your camera and its covered. I recommend this to anyone who shoots a lot in the outdoors! It also has a opening for a tripod.

Customer Review: Jose
Well designed and provides good protection against water.

Customer Review: Jlew19
I have the pro version and this allows for easier use with my monopod and tripod. I use the on a Canon with a 100mm-400mm telephoto lens fully extended and it fits great!

Customer Review: Wesley
I haven't had this storm jacket for very long, but so far I love it. I used it with a Canon 7D and the 70-200 lens with the hood. There was plenty of extra. If I had wanted to use a bigger lens, it definitely would have fit. So far I haven't had the chance to see how well it holds up to a downpour, but it looks solid. Since I had a bit of extra room, I was able to pull the jacket out past the viewfinder and it made for a excellent cover to protect it from the glare of the sun. It doesn't have to be raining to be useful. I was shooting video and was able to manually focus the lens over the jacket. It wasn't quite like holding the lens, but if I held it tightly, it didn't slip. But perhaps one of my favorite things about this jacket, is how much cooler it makes your camera look. There is something about having your camera hidden behind the jacket that makes people wonder what kind of a camera you have underneath there. I even had friends comment about how it made my camera look legit!

Customer Review: Southerndude
I use this on my Panasonic DVX-200 Camcorder that is 15" long, It works well, just wish it was a tad bit wider so I could open up the LCD a little easier. Fits nice and snug around the front of the lens. Packs up small and protects well.

Customer Review: James M. Lurquin
I use a Cannon T5i with a 400mm L series super-telephoto lens when shooting outdoors. This cover is excellent in keeping my equipment dry.

Customer Review: Scorpiorose
This works great in covering the camera in salt spray or rain. I do a lot of landscape photography and never know what kind of weather conditions I may encounter. This folds into a small pouch that fits easily into my camera bag. It fits over my camera with my 600mm lens, no problem. Great little cover for peace of mind.

Customer Review: StPeteAl
After a very wet weekend at NOLA Raceway, I bought the Storm Jacket and used it almost immediately at Barber (I shoot auto racing). It was light and easy to carry, slipped on quickly and did a great job. Used it with a Nikon 80-400 and it was perfect. Am also considering one of the smaller versions.

Customer Review: bman
I like how the fabric is light and flexible and can translate with lenses that change length as you zoom. The back is open so there is no window to fog up.If I had a wish it would be that there was a rubber lining on the lens side so the jacket would grab onto a lens hood.Comparison:I have another rain cover in the "T" configuration where you stick your hands in the side and have a clear plastic window on the back. If you are shooting in hurricane it would probably protect better than the storm jacket, but then I wouldn't be out shooting in those conditions. The plastic on the T configuration jacket kept fogging up and it was hard to get to see into the view finder. Most of the T configuration jackets I tried were very stiff and kept slipping off the lens so that the pictures looked like I was shooting out of a deep dark tunnel. The storm jacket is light and flexible so this doesn't happen.

Customer Review: The PhotoMan
Such a saving grace when it comes to shooting in the rain. Very spacious. Easy to get your hands in and work with the camera and get the shots you want no matter the weather!

Customer Review: TMGAZ
Product is well made and fits my 300mm Nikkor perfectly. Tripod opening works well with my CB gimbal head.

Customer Review: Dick
These Vortex storm covers have really worked out well. Extremely easy to install and work with. Great product!

Customer Review: Heffa
Used my Storm Jacket to protect my gear on an overnight time-lapse project. The weather was threatening and I wanted protection from condensation as well. It performed as expected. Super easy to install on my tripod-mounted camera. Fit easily over my 200mm lens with room to spare.

Customer Review: Josh
I am a motorsports photographer and sometimes I have to photograph in the pouring rain. I bought two of these Pro SLR Storm Jacket covers to keep my Canon 1D Mark III bodies from the elements. Once the rain started to sprinkle down, I slipped these babies on, over my 300mm 2.8 and the other over my 70-200mm 2.8. They fit well, snug, but with enough room to fit in your hands. Rain water beads up and rolls off, keeping my equipment dry. The versions I got even have a velcro slit on the bottom to allow for a monopod and/or a tripod. For the money, this is the best rain protection out there. I love these. When you're not using them, they fold up into little bags and latch on to a camera strap, backpack, pack or anything else. You're going to love these too.

Customer Review: big man
I use it on my 80-200 lens.I like how easy it is to put on in a hurry

Customer Review: Joe R.
I used the Storm Jacket for the first time today in Alaska. I took a birding trip by boat and encountered spray and rain. The Storm Jacket kept the camera and lens dry. It was easy to operate the camera through the material, no small matter when using a 150-500mm zoom lens on a rocking boat! I highly recommend it. When in doubt, get it longer. I did, and it completely covers both ends of the camera and lens when I am not using it and just need to protect it.

Customer Review: HawkIDad
I've become the unofficial photographer for both my son's soccer teams. I need to be able to shoot in any weather - we play unless there is lightning. This jacket is a must have - protects the lens and the body, while allowing you to attach the camera to a monopod and still have full access to the controls. It is permanently attached to my bag - I don't go out to shoot without it.

Customer Review: T
Used this jacket at a wet football game. Kept the camera safe and dry. Easy to use and attach even with the monopod.

Customer Review: Jim
We were caught in down pours for several days while hiking and taking some great pictures. We had probably three hours of non rain. I will never leave home without the Storm jacket. Very simple to use, works great on the monopod and the tripod with gimbal head. Yes I would recommend this product, great construction. Keeps equipment dry.

Customer Review: The Tern Lady
Was immediately put to the test. Went out on a pelagic trip in the Gulf of Mexico. On a good day that is a harsh environment for your camera equipment. This day we had 2 to 4 foot swells that at time came crashing down on us. Our cameras were completely protected. Was well worth the price for this. I am so glad I got these for our cameras.

Customer Review: TheBearMan
A no-brainer for outdoor work. I bought this for a trip to the Northwoods to film bears, expecting some light rain. There was heavy rain to the point where I had to take cover a few times. The camera cover kept my gear dry. The cover stayed in place and the opening in the bottom allows for use with a tripos and to zoom/focus. The material is like a tent tarp, so it can be shoved in a pocket when needed. And the pouch has a clip for attaching to a vest. Overall, if you film outdoors this is a must have for the kit.

Customer Review: YRemer
I am a pro shooter who does weddings, portraits and anything else you can think of. Come rain, dust, or any other weather conditions Im always braving the storm and now not afraid to shoot in it.

Customer Review: Lisa
Great idea for those of us who do either outdoor video or photo. I bought 3 of these so I can protect my digital cameras and my video camera when I shoot a wedding. Love that it has a hole for the tripod to go through. Even comes in a little storage bag so I can clip it to the outside of my camera bag without getting my equipment wet.

Customer Review: Larry
This cover provides great protection against the elements, and it's compact enough to tuck into the side pocket of my camera bag. It takes only a few seconds to put on and take off. It's a must-have.

Customer Review: Mac-fly
Works great to keep camera and lens dry for outdoor photography. Easy to use and is well made. It folds up small and has its own pouch so it is easy to carry with you at all times. Everyone that spends time in the outdoors should carry one to protect your expensive camera gear.

Customer Review: Stu
I had a chance to use my new Storm Jacket while shooting during a thunderstorm the first day I got it and it worked like a charm. It is so simple and easy to use that I had a few doubts as to how it would perform in the rain. I have to say it worked better than any other product or solution I have ever tried, and I have tried several. It is so light that it adds no weight to either my camera or bag. It does take a little getting used to, but only a little. I have had a number of camera bodies and lenses damaged or ruined over the past 30 years or so while shooting in better conditions than those in which I used the Storm Jacket. My gear came through this particular storm without being hit by a single drop of rain - what else can I say?

Customer Review: Photoguy
I use it for wildlife photography using a remote shutter actuator. It works well with a tripod.

Customer Review: V.A.
Purchased this in case of rain at this year’s Indy MotoGP race. Wouldn't you know it rained Friday -- and the Storm Jacket worked great.

Customer Review: JulieRoggowPhotography[@]
Excellent in every way! I bought this to use with my 300mm f/2.8 Sony lens. It fits perfectly. I also own another Storm Jacket for my 70-200mm lens. It works perfectly at keeping dust and rain off the lens. I also use it while I'm on a boat or ship to keep the sea salt off the lens. The large cover also has an opening at the bottom for the tripod and, the same opening makes it easy to reach the controls on the lens and to manual focus.

Customer Review: Richard
I bought this to use with mirrorless APS cameras (3 Nex-7 and 1 a6500) after a "learning experience" in the Chilean fjords where light rain penetrated the gap at the lens mount and washed small amounts of dust (previous week in the Atacama Desert) into camera forming cement-like deposits on sensor which required professional cleaning. For cameras this size the small storm cover is abundantly generous. It is more than long enough for all my lenses up to 210mm focal length, and wide enough to allow a hand to slide around camera to access lens zoom. Do not get a medium. In order to use with tripod I'll use a hot knife to cut a short slit for tripod mount. Though the SLR professional covers have this slit, they are not made in size small.

Customer Review: Micky
Definitely protects my camera of the rain (and I mean heavy rain) , you should not linger in buying this product, it is just perfect.

Customer Review: Long distance walker
Purchased a small and medium size Storm Jacket for use for a trip to Iceland. Just what I needed for their unpredictable and often wet weather.

Customer Review: Gayle S
I've been using plastic bags for years and this is SO much easier. The pull ties are easy to put on and off. And the fabric is thick and kept my equipment super dry (especially when I used a lens hood to keep it from slipping off the lens).

Customer Review: Rod K
I bought this for a trip to London from the U.S. as the forecast was for rain on many days. Had some trouble keeping it on the lens hood. I would probably buy the medium if I had to do it all over as it was slightly too short for my Nikkor 18-300 mm 3.5-5.6 when extended. Worked well with my Sigma 17-50 mm 2.8 and Sigma 10-20 mm 3.5.

Customer Review: Chuck
Excellent protection for your valuable equipment in inclement weather. Very well constructed and easy to use.

Customer Review: NewYorkBirder
This is exactly what I want it: easy to use and light to carry around, great protection from rain, sand and other harsh environment, and best of all, it's not too expensive. Sure you could find better ones but you need to pay double or more.

Customer Review: Scott
The size is perfect for my Lumix bridge camera, accommodating the flip out LCD screen, the extended telephoto lens, and my hands. The bag material is waterproof, shedding water with no absorbtion. The cinch in front will unavoidably allow water to reach the lens barrel a little. Attatching the lens hood helps secure the bag and will help shelter the lens from rain.

Customer Review: travel geek
Purchased the camera cover for an upcoming trip. My last trip was through jungles and pouring rain. Knew I needed something to protect my camera from rain. It took me a while to find something like this camera cover. It is easy to put over the camera and will accomodate all my lenses, regular, telephoto and wide angle.

Customer Review: Andrew
I've already used this in the rain and it has worked very well. It repels the water effectively keeping it away from the camera, which is ideal!

Customer Review: Rhys
Great for times where a full weather cover is too restrictive. I use this and the medium size version for protection from muddy adventure style events where it is impossible to dodge every blob of mud coming at you. I also use it for remote cameras mounted on a tripod. Since the back of the camera is exposed, operation is less restrictive, meaning you are not working blind as is the case with a full cover like the Aquatech SS-Sport.

Customer Review: noelet
This camera rain cover is simple enough to use, very straight-forward and you'll have a waterproof camera in just seconds.

Customer Review: MarvB
A simple but elegant design that is well made. It is small enough to fit in a pocket or clip onto a belt - it comes in its own small pouch with a clip attached for just such an outing. Not at all cumbersome to tote along for protection for your camera for that just in case moment when you don't want a large case or bag. Plus, it allows you to keep shooting while still protecting your camera. And B&H Photo was great.

Customer Review: Scott W
I have used the storm jacket in medium to heavy rain while shooting soccer. It works as described and gives me piece of mind when I head for a day of shooting in uncertain weather. Make sure you order the version with the slot for your tripod mount if needed. I have two of these now, one small and one medium. I never leave for a day of shooting without it close by.

Customer Review: Sgt93
Very well made and stable as can be. Going to test it out in Colorado (Estes Park) next week. The bag that comes with it is also high quality. I cannot believe how small it is folded and how stable of a platform it offers.

Customer Review: jungmen
Used in the rain once so far, and would have missed the photos otherwise! A must have!

Customer Review: Mrjfgreen
Great product for keep my camera dry during a hike. The material is lightweight and comes in a small zippered bag, which has a hook/clip on the end. I attach this to the outside of my daypack. The pull strings and locks seem to be durable. I am hopeful this will last me many years and many storms!

Customer Review: mgruce
Got this just in time. My son had a cyclocross race and downpours all day. Still was able to get some great pics while keeping the camera safe and dry. Great material and perfect size to use with multiple lenses. Fits in your pocket or camera bag for on the go needs.

Customer Review: Run Junkie
I bought this cover for shooting soccer matches, running races, and ski races in inclement weather. I had a lens nearly ruined shooting a pond skimming competition, and this would have protected my lens perfectly. I bought it to fit a Canon 70 - 200 but have used it on my Canon 28 - 135 as well, where it's a bit big but not unwieldy. I like that there's ample room under the jacket to access dials and buttons. Only ding is the fiddling it takes to secure it properly to the lens hood, but this is something I suspect is an issue with all covers.

Customer Review: Photo D
Great protection from heavy rains! I own 3 Storm Jackets, and they are worth every penny. I have used them in Hawaii and Central America in heavy rains and am pleased with the product. They have never failed me when used properly.

Customer Review: Alaeddine Saadaoui
This camera cover is great, you change the settings of your camera while you're shooting without any problem.

Customer Review: Jlew19
Great fit!!! I use this on a 100-400mm Canon telephoto with camera body and it fits great! It's been under fire in inclement weather on two occasions in the short time I've owned it and it has worked wonderfully! Much, much better than the Canon cover I paid just as much for!!!

Customer Review: D-Train
The medium is a perfect fit for my D4 with 70-200 and the 1.4 TC. The elastic band fit nicely the end of the 70-200 and the back was perfect to cover the back of the camera while allowing my right hand to operate inside the cover. It is easy to adjust the zoom Customer Review: grasping the cover and rotating. I used all day on a boat trip in constant rain and my lens and camera stayed nice and dry. Would recommend.

Customer Review: Shannon
Perfect! Used it today with my 5D and the 70-200 2.8 IS, plenty of room for both and to get my hands in there. I attached the front part to the lens hood and secured the back around the eyecup. Kept the sprinkles off my camera so I wouldn't freak out about every little raindrop.

Customer Review: Krizzy
I LOVE my storm jacket. It is a very simple design- open on both ends with bungee cord to tighten either side. I loved that it gave me access to the back of my camera for control settings and access for adjusting the focus. I thought that with the zooming in and out- the bungee would not function correctly but it worked great! I have a Pentax K-r, and although I could have gotten by with a Small, but I wanted a Medium for $ more. If you are like me and live in a very rainy area where you might be needing rain protection often - I would say it is much better to invest in the storm jacket. I'm very happy with it and the added case with clip is great for attaching to my backpack!

Customer Review: unkamartin
Saved my tail in London! I had gotten this item before a major shoot in London and it has really saved me this trip. Best money I've spent in preparation for a biblically rainy day is the Vortex Media Pro SLR Storm Jacket Camera Cover for my gear. Without this item it would have been a wasted trip and at least $3,000 down the tube assuming I didn't ruin my gear trying to do photography during a week of rainstorms in the UK. This thing is cheep insurance and needs to be packed in your camera bag, just in case of inclement weather.

Customer Review: Chris
Used this with a T1i and a Tamron 28-300 aspherical (not very long) and the medium size was big. But the cover worked well and exactly as advertised. Seems durable and easy to use. I'm happy.

Customer Review: JLVazquez75
I use it when shooting outdoors in the rain. Also once in morocco in a sand storm and my camera was clean.

Customer Review: Trish
This is a nice well-made camera jacket. It's perfect for keeping the elements off your camera.

Customer Review: baldphotog
This was lighter than I would have expected, which is a good thing. It attaches easy and works. I use this on my Lumix GH2, even with my 300mm lens. Now, this is a m43 setup, which is smaller than your typical DSLR, so size accordingly.

Customer Review: Tim
I bought this to use with my 50D and 70-200 f/2.8 lens at football games. I had to use it twice. Once was a light sprinkle but the second time it rained pretty hard for about 20 minutes. The Storm Jacket worked great, kept everything dry.

Customer Review: Kzooki
Just got back from my trip to Alaska where I had to use the Storm Jacket nine out of twelve days! The jacket is compact for easy packing/storing, easy to use, and not expensive. The lens was completely protected. The opening for camera use is a little tight while using so a few rain drops did hit the backside of the camera. But overall I was quite pleased because of the price and my camera/lens was not ruined by the rainy weather---and believe me, it rained constantly!

Customer Review: Scott
This cover fits perfectly over my Canon 7D with 70-200 f/2.8 with multiplier attached. There is just enough room for hands to operate inside the cover in the back while not opening enough to let Alaska rainforest rain in. It does the job well, much better than my old plastic bags.

Customer Review: Robert B.
A great item that should be in every photographer's camera bag. Simple design, easy to use, protects your expensive camera from the weather.

Customer Review: Dave
I've used it several times out shooting as the weather turns towards rain it offers some of the most exciting sky cover. It is a constant companion in my backpack.

Customer Review: JoAnne
Easy to carry, easy to use and works well. Will go on all trips to keep camera dry.

Customer Review: SBP
It helped me to keep dry my D200 with mounted 18-200 lens during my recent trip to New England. Three days of weather were really wet. The cover is just convenient.

Customer Review: Peter
Great investment to protect equipment. I leave them on all my lenses all the time as I do a lot of nature-wildlife photography in all weather conditions.

Customer Review: Joe S
The storm jacket comes with a little storage pouch. It is lightweight and easy to use. The bottom velcro can be opened for access to the lens if need be, and it does not require an eye piece. In Florida storms can come up very quickly and I might miss some critical plays by trying to install an eyepiece. This unit goes on very quickly.

Customer Review: David
I find these covers very simple to use and easy/light to have with me at all times. There are more complicated covers out there but simple works for me. I have even used one during the monsoon in Thailand and it worked great.

Customer Review: MC
I like this rain cover because it is simply made, well made, and works well. I wanted a rain cover that was very light, portable, and could handle a variety of lenses. This cover does it all for me. The elastic at the ends help it stay secured to your lens (or I recommend your hood).

Customer Review: wsp
When shooting sporting events sometimes you just don’t know what weather is going to pop up. Many sports play through anything but lightning so here we are on the sideline with thousands of dollars in gear. I cannot see why anyone in my industry would ever work without a Storm Jacket. Period.

Customer Review: Shreddy
The Storm jacket works well for those beach pictures of windsurfers and kiters surfing in 25mph winds with blowing sand, mist and other weird things. I know a few guys using them now and they work well :-}

Customer Review: Casey
Just what I need on a rainy day. I use this on my Canon 5D3 with 600 f4 lens for shooting wildlife. Since some of the best nature shooting is on overcast and drizzling days, this jacket keeps my equipment nice and dry. The camo helps to blend in with the background. There is a velcro closure at the bottom that allows use with a tripod.

Customer Review: Bob
After getting a chance to use this storm jacket at a rainy high school football game and previously using one the plastic throw away's, I must say I am Impressed. The jacket was very easy to use and very effective in the rain. I simply slipped it over my 2.8 sports lens and camera body from that point on the worries of equipment getting wet were gone and I did not miss any shot due to the Vortex Media Storm Jacket getting in the way. I did not use a tripod or a camera mounted flash so I can't tell you how that would perform but, I am extremely happy I have a decently priced product I can use over and over again without the worry of my equipment being damaged.

Customer Review: Coop
I love the compact and portability (folds up into a small pouch). I bought one for my camera and one for my field monitor. Plenty of room to get to the controls and buttons and of course, repels water like a North Face Jacket!!!

Customer Review: Allyson
Love this product. This product really works. I use mine with a lens hood and it works a lot better. Every photographer needs one.

Customer Review: Nat
Worth every cent. My storm jacket allowed to me to get some great shots at a football game that I would have otherwise missed! Before, I never would have taken a chance on getting my camera wet.

Customer Review: tradio
It hangs on my tripod in its carry bag just in case it does rain. The build quality is very good and with the pro version, you get an opening on the bottom for tripod mounting while protecting the camera. The front is set up to draw up around the lens hood but on my Sigma 24, it has a tulip style hood so I'm not exactly sure how that will work but on any of my other lenses, it will be fine. I would have liked to have gotten it in the color red so it would be more visible at night but its only available in black and camo for the pro models. If you don't want the tripod mounting option, you can get it in red. This can be used for more than just protecting your camera from rain, it also works for sand, dust and snow. I have big hands and I have no problem accessing all of the controls with the bag installed and you have the option of cinching up the rear of the bag to close off access to the controls providing more protection to the camera.